However we are not only proud of living in Latvia as well as the products that are produced by local farmers, also about sharing it with people. That is the reasons why we opened Riits - the place where we can cook delicious dishes of products that are brought daily by farmers from all over the country. 

The restaurant Riits is located in the central part of the city, and has become a favorite place for breakfast and lunch among locals. We are inviting our guests every day from 9:00, and offer breakfast with omelettes made from bio-eggs and organic cereal that are cooked in a special coal stove. Lunch and dinner will be served a la carte until late evening. 

The success of Riits is a combination of organic products from local farmers, open kitchen and the bright, warm space. 
The interior design of the restaurant has been developed by the famous designer Anda Ozolina. The interior solution, as well as the restaurant menu embody the idea of a classical trip to the village. Riits has a comfortable atmosphere with muffled music, warm homemade dishes of the produce from local farmers and friendly staff, who welcome guests for a gastronomic trip across Latvia. 
Vegan, vegetarian, fish and meat dishes are cooked in the open restaurant’s kitchen from seasonal and mainly local products brought from the peasant farms. Pork from Smiltene household, fresh eggs from Iecava, dairy products from Saldus farmers. There are few signature dishes from Riits like quail soup, pork and morning omelettes. 
The gastronomic trip across Latvia and its fields is not over in the kitchen - in the bar Riits guests are always invited to enjoy hot drinks made from rhubarb, quince and gooseberries, as well as cocktails with beet and honey-thyme liquors. 

You are welcome every day from 9:00 to 23:00 at Dzirnavu Street 72.
Bicycle parking will be placed by the restaurant soon.



1. Fresh products
Only fresh products are used in the restaurant Riits, which are daily brought by Latvian farmers from their households. The supplier base is expanded every day, and the menu is being modified depending on the season.
2. Seasonality
We offer dishes from those products that are especially good in the particular season. We select the best offers of suppliers and cook delicious homemade dishes.
3. Suit every taste
Didn’t find what you need on the menu? Do not hesitate to ask the chef, and he will prepare an individual dish for you from the fresh products available in the kitchen.
4. Special cooking method
Healthy food does not only depends on the quality of the products, but also the cooking method. The open kitchen and coal stove are located in the restaurant. This allows getting the most out of the products and ensures special flavour.