Latvian gold –  sprats, potatoes, spring onions
Caramelized goat cheese – beetroot with herbs, mixed leaves, brown sugar
Seared salmon – sweet potato puree, quail eggs, radish, mixed leaves


Vegetarian – avocado, radish, mixed leaves, tomatoes, carrot-ginger dressing
With turkey – bacon, romaine lettuce, hard cheese,  sun-dried tomatoes, croutons
With baked  cod fish – quail eggs, radish, mixed leaves, potato-mustard dressing


Sour cream brûlée – sour cream, egg yolk, sea-buckthorn berries, white chocolate
Berries – berries, crumble, “Riits” whipped cream
Tart – lemon cream , whipped eggs white


Pumpkin – creamed pumpkin, milk, broth, green sauce, croutons
With rabbit – broth, vegetables, parsley, spring onions, buckwheat noodles
Fish soup –broth, salmon, shrimps, vegetables, fresh herbs

Dishes grilled on natural oak charcoal

Pork – pork ribs, pearl barley, hard cheese
Vegetarian –  lentils, courgette, sun-dried tomatoes, mixed leaves
Chicken – chicken breast, grilled vegetables
Burger – beef burger, cheese,  pickled  red onions, charcoal-baked potato
Fish – pike-perch fillet, grilled vegetables,  tomato-olive salsa
Lamb – lamb rump steak, potato mash , butter, spring onions, garlic
Veal – veal steak, asparagus, grilled vegetables, black pepper dressing